Sunday, February 28, 2010

baby steps

Alternately titled: in which daddy needs a nap now

It's the last day of February, and I'm not quite convinced that Spring will be here anytime soon. But the slowly melting snow is at least a hint of things to come. And today when we went to play outside, I was bold enough as to not even put a coat on Camille. Yes, she wore layers. Many layers. But I'm so stinkin' tired of taking pictures of her in a coat!

So today, along with her snowpants, boots, and mittens, Camille donned a hoodie sweatshirt and princess crown (which was definitely her idea). I mean, come on, it's (barely) above freezing outside! It's all about baby steps, right?

Believe it or not, this was Camille's first true sledding experience. She was a bit nervous when they first sat down on the big sled, but quickly made up her mind that this was a great activity. As soon as they got to the bottom of the hill she yelled, "Again!"

So they got up and made their way back up the hill.

They came down again.

And again.

And again.

And, well you get the picture. You mommies and daddies out there know that the down part of sledding is the easy part. It's the up part that makes sledding extremely exhausting. But Aaron hung in there, reveling in this new excitement Camille was experiencing for the first time.

In the end all the hard work paid off. She thanked him with a great, big, face-grabbing smooch.

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