Thursday, August 6, 2009

summertime rendezvous

This morning, instead of Megan coming to visit us, we got in the van and paid her a visit! After stopping by her apartment to meet her kitty and change some diapers, we propmtly returned to the van to head out on an adventure. Our first stop was an organic foods co-op near her house. We browsed a bit (I'd been meaning to check the place out for just ages) and picked up some fixin's for a picnic lunch.

Then back into the van we went in search of the perfect picnic/playground location. We found just what we were looking for!

The girls weren't very into the toddler teeter-totter (or see-saw, whichever you prefer), but had a great time climbing the stairs to the pirate ship-themed play set and sliding down the (particularly steep) slide.

After we worked up our appetites we sat down to a nice relazing completely chaotic picnic lunch. There was sand and chicken salad everywhere. But I guess that's what happens when you've got two toddlers on a blanket with food. Oh, and did I mention there were also a few bees trying to join our picnic?

The girls especially enjoyed the freeze-dried strawberries and pineapple pieces I had picked up at the co-op. The Just Tomatos brand of freeze-dried fruits and veggies are simply delish.
(Kristy, please ignore the plastic knife in Isabel's hand. I told you it got a bit chaotic.)

After we had cleaned up our mess, Megan plopped onto the blanket and announced (semi-jokingly) that it was nap time. Instantly, Isabel tipped right over and Camille snuggled right in between them. I guess they really do know the routine: nap time almost always comes right after lunch time!

We really had a great time enjoying the beautiful weather and yummy food. The girls were certainly tuckered out, though, and both took fabulously long naps! I'm embarrassed to admit, though, that it wasn't until I was laying Isabel down for her nap that I realized we had forgotten to empty the sand out of her shoes. There was so much sand in those shoes that I'm not sure how her feet even found room in them! But she sure wasn't complaining. I think she was secretly excited to be bringing the sandbox home with her. She's like that.


Seriously?! said...

so cute! we'd love to join you for a day like this before the summer is over. LOVE your pic, by the way.

Tina Fisher said...

Your pictures are awesome! What a fun day!