Sunday, August 2, 2009

simply satisfying

I find that there's just something so innately satisfying about washing diapers. Perhaps this indicates that I have some sort of underlying mental illness, but I prefer to call it a sense of responsibility. Responsibility? you ask. Yes. Responsibility. You see, for every diaper that goes through our washing machine and dryer, that's one less diaper that I'll have to buy next week, one less diaper that sits in the landfill for hundreds of years, and one less chemical-filled disposable diaper strapped onto Camille.

Sure, she wears disposable diapers every once in a while. Some days more than others. But I would much rather drop a diaper into the washing machine than toss one into the garbage.

So tonight, as I do some other cleaning, read my book, watch some tv, and check email, I will listen for the washing machine to finish. When it's done I'll put the diapers in the dryer, continue with what I've been doing, and by the time I go to bed I'll have a laundry basket full of clean, warm, fluffy cloth diapers. How simply satisfying!

PS - I'm thinking of doing a post one day soon on the types of diapers we use (and have used in the past). Anyone interested in hearing about that?


Catherine said...

Yup, definitely interested in your ps idea. :) Don't know that I'll sell the hubby on cloth, but if by some miracle it happens, I would love to have a starting point to think about it!

Alyssa said...

Yes, I would love to hear about your cloth diapers! Please share! I bought my friends' Happy Heiny's but I'm curious about other brands.

HyperHokie said...

Oddly, I am with you when it comes to washing diapers. I truly enjoy it. Yes, I like changing DD diapers too. I love picking out the next fluff to put on her cute behind! It is an addiction!

Debi said...

I love washing and folding diapers too. And yes I would like to hear what you use and what you have used in the past, always looking for a new dipe to try

Seriously?! said...

hmm... I never jumped on the cloth diaper bandwagon. There is something about not only wiping more than one poopy bottom all day, but then having to rinse them in the toilet with my hand that I just couldn't handle. Yuck. More power to you girls. I do think they have come a LONG way and are SO cute. :) Jenna, I'm going to pretend that you using so few disposables makes-up for how many we use. ;)