Saturday, July 18, 2009

my summertime favorite

This summer I've been a big fan of s'mores. We've had them several times when we've had bonfires out on the beach in the backyard. Unfortunatly, it was much too windy on Thursday to have a bonfire. So Megan and I decided to take matters into our own hands and toast some marshmallows on the stove.

But to enjoy the outdoors s'mores experience we went outside to eat our ooey gooey toasty treats. And enjoy them we did...

I think we just may need to make some more tonight!


MamaBear said...

It was nice to meet you today Jenna! I really enjoyed hanging out with your family at the park :)

Jo said...

I'm so glad we met! Spoke to the hubby and Aug 21 is actually the first time that we could camp. No activities for that night at the campsite but I'd still love to go if you can. Let me know!