Monday, June 22, 2009


Here's what was behind that rearend collison...

Tom and I are back from the Black Hills. Sorry no winner on the photo below. It was a mule that walked past our car. But they weren't the only ones in the roadway. Over the course of four days cars had to stop for, besides mules, bison (Aaron guessed buffalo), pronghorn antelope, and mountain goats who all spent time in the roads. We also pulled over to watch prairie dogs. There were prairie dog towns all over the place.

The Mount Rushmore National Memorial Park was wonderful. The Visitor Center had lots to see and a Presidential Trail to walk right up under the monument. And the 450 steps we walked up and down at the Wind Cave National Park was worth it.

A great get-away only 10 hours away. There were plenty of campsites too for you campers out there. We especially liked the one next to the State Game Lodge where we were staying. They had tent sites right next to the creek (though no electricity).

Can't wait to see the family (especially Camille) when they return from Lake Lida tomorrow night.


Okay, so it isn't a true "collision," but it definitely is a rear end. Can you tell me what kind of animal walked right past my window as we were driving the Wildlife Loop? Yes, this is all I got of him! Grandma Goggles and Tom are on vacation in the Black Hills of South Dakota. We're staying at the historic State Game Lodge in Custer State Park. The weather is beautiful. The scenery is lush and awe-inspiring. So why the rear end? Just so you can take a guess. The first person with the correct answer will receive a souvenir from our vacation.

Even though my glass is empty...I am full. We visited the home of Badger Clark, the first poet laureatte of South Dakota. He leased some land here in the park and built his home with his own hands. No electricity. No heat. No indoor plumbing. But what an amazing, cozy home. I'd love to live here. Especially since they added electricity when it became a memorial to Badger once he died in the 50s. It makes we want to create a little poem right here and now...


Sometimes, it's hard to believe

that there is so much hated in this world.

Sometimes, it's hard to imagine going on

when death has knocked at your door.

Sometimes, you just have to stop...smell those roses

when you'd rather do nothing more than shut the door.


Sometimes, even if your glass is EMPTY

you know that someday it again will be FULL.

Full of the beauty of God's creation.

Full of people who care about you.

Full of your love for family.

Full of your love for Him who created You.

Sometimes, you're given the chance

to share all the blessings you've been given.

Sometimes you don't.

But I know that if and when you do

you will be full.


jenna said...
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jenna said...

I (Aaron, not Jenna) thinks that it is a Buffalo, or Bison. What ever you want to call it. Perhaps.... Tatonka... :)