Sunday, June 7, 2009

a funeral

Today we attended the funeral of Lutheran High School (most recently known as Concordial Academy - Bloomington), the school Aaron and I met at, attended together, and graduated from. What a bittersweet time it was, being reunited with old friends, only to be saying goodbye to our alma mater.

I really enjoyed my high school days and met people there that have impacted my entire life. And while I don't think I've ever felt particularly attached to the school itself, I realize that some of the most important relationships in my life were born, grew, or strengthened during my time at LHS. How could I not be a bit sad saying farewell to the school that introducted me to Aaron. How could I walk by the classrooms and not remember the hours of classes I spent with Megan and others? How could I glance into the chapel and not be reminded of the countless times Christ spoke to my heart through songs, His Word, and the testimonies of my classmates and teachers?

And while it is sad to know that the school is closing, I am still encouraged that the life of the school is not in the building itself, but in the people who have filled the building over the past four decades. Christian education will continue, and children will continue to be taught the gospel of Jesus Christ. And these children will continue to be sent out into the world to proclaim this Good News.