Saturday, June 6, 2009

Bubba & Belle

I always knew deep down I was an entrepreneur. Well, maybe not always, but lately. So when, for his birthday, I made Aaron some coffee sleeves, he received many comments on how great of an idea that was. Now, I take no credit for the idea. There are plenty of people who already sell these. But I haven't seen any in our neck of the woods. So in an effort to encourage others (particularly coffee drinkers) to be more environmentally friendly, my friend Kristy (Isabel's mom) and I have decided to take the plunge into the world of small business. We have been sewing coffee sleeves out of many materials, most of which are upcycled from things no longer used. We've turned sweaters and pants into cozy sleeves that keep your hands from burning while drinking coffee. We've also made many out of burlap bags used for carrying coffee beans. Each of our sleeves is lined on the inside with an insulating layer (so far we've used wool and fleece, but are planning on giving felt a try).

We've also started a blog where we can keep our friends and customers up to date with how things are going, as well as new products we have available (yes, we may in the future consider branching out to other "green" items). Feel free to stop by and see what's going on at Bubba & Belle! You can also link there from the button on my left sidebar. If you are interested in displaying our button on your own blog or website you can email us at so we can send you the code. If you do choose to do this, you can be entered in a drawing to win a free coffee sleeve of your own!

Thanks for supporting us, friends!