Wednesday, June 3, 2009

front yard fun

What do you do with an over-tired toddler while she waits for dinner to be ready? Well, of course, you send her outside with Grandpa and a big bowl of water.

That's right. Camille's been really tired lately because she is transitioning from two naps each day to only one. She's been taking two, but they have both been very short naps. So in the evenings she's been a bit cranky. Tonight I had the ingenious idea to let her play in water to keep busy. And guess what. IT WORKED! C and my Dad had a great time filling cups with water, pouring the water all over the place, and doing it all over again.

I made the mistake of giving her a sippy cup top to play with, which happened to fit on one of the snack cups she had. Needless to say, she made use of said sippy top.

And as soon as she heard dinner was ready, she promptly dumped the water out of the bowl, picked it up, and carried it inside. How cute is that?!

Both she and Grandpa came inside with wet clothes. But from the looks on their faces I'd say it was worth it!