Wednesday, June 17, 2009

cloth diapering lesson: woolies

First, things first. One of the very few and far between photos of Camille actually looking at my camera (without a grimace or scowl on her face)! She's still cute even though she's covered in bruises, right?

Now, on to the woolies. Those of you who are unfamiliar with cloth diapering (yes, that's you I'm talking to) probably don't know that a wool diaper cover can be as waterproof as an actual waterproof cover. Not only does it keep the wetness in, but it also is much more breatheable than other traditional covers. Which means, even in the summer time, wool can be a much cooler alternative to the usual diaper covers. Yes, I mean cool in both definitions of the term. And not only are they cool and waterproof, but wool is also naturally antimicrobial. Which means, even after hugging damp diapers all day, they still don't smell bad. Wool covers only need to be washed (hand washed) every three to four weeks, unless they are actually dirty. But more on that later.

As I was browsing craigslist the other day for cloth diapering fluff that I really don't need, I came across a posting for quite a few used wooly items. With Aaron's permission, I bought four woolies for our dear sweet Camille (and any other future Polzin kidlets that may eventually come our way). They may be used, but they've got lots of life left in them!

This evening Camille was sporting her new Disana wool soaker. Yes, it comes half way up to her armpits, but it's supposed to. That way you can customize the rise of it (depending on how fluffy of a diaper she's wearing) by folding the top down a bit. But, personally, I think it's cute when it's up all the way.

Of course, though, in typical Camille fashion, she had to have a blowout diaper the very first day she wore her new woolies. (Side note: she has had far fewer blowout diapers since we switched to cloth. This one was just a fluke...or possibly a hint at how far my pinning skills haven't progressed). So, needless to say, the woolies all got washed tonight in the kitchen sink.
With one pair of woolies soiled, I thought I'd try the wrap style wool cover on her. This one's called Loveybums. I think it's pretty darling as well. This one, of course, will be better for her to wear under clothing, as it is thinner and much more trim.

"Enough of the camera, Mom."

Camille also enjoyed slowly emptying her Tupperware sippy cup. I don't think a single drop made it into her mough, though. I should have photographed the giant puddle on the deck floor, but alas, it didn't occur to me at the time.
Well, I think that's enough for today's completely unsolicited cloth diapering lesson. Thanks for reading! Time to go gather the warm fluffy diapers from the dryer and get them ready for tomorrow...
PS - Seriously, I'm enjoying this whole cloth diapering thing. It's not nearly as terrible as I once thought it would be. In fact, I actually (gasp) enjoy washing diapers. It's so much better than throwing money away with disposables. Not to mention it's better for the environment and way cuter than disposables!


archristoffer said...

Oh how I love and Miss you!!! :) I am really itching to take Ly to the Como Zoo. Can we please get together and go or do anything for that matter!!! Almost every weekend we have something going on for the rest of the summer...and totally being serious about that! I think we have June 28th Free and Aug 1st. Oh My! But any week night works for me really.

Emma Jones said...

Jenna, you posted on one of my threads on DS and I saw the link to your blog - wanted to tell you how much I love it! We have a Ruby Girl blog for our LO ( and love talking about our cloth. We don't have many friends who use it. (-: Anywho, love the blog!