Friday, May 22, 2009

Lather. (Shave.) Rinse. Repeat.

After receiving an impromptu birthday gift from his lovely wife, Aaron has been on the fast track to a brand new hobby...Shaving. I'm no longer the only one in this family addicted to an online discussion forum. Move over Diaper Swappers. Make room for The Shave Den.

I really had no idea what I was starting when I bought him an old fashioned shaving kit from an online store that sells goat milk soaps. It included a tin shaving cup, a brush, and a bar of shaving soap. Within 24 hours Aaron had ordered a safety razor, and within a couple of days he had been to numerous stores looking for the recommended shaving products and razor blades. He even stopped at an antique store in the area and hit gold when he found these two Gillette razors.

So last night, after gathering all his shaving supplies, Aaron proceeded to shave his face using this very time consuming shaving technique. Of course, I was right there with the camera, ready to snap a shot of each step.

He began by lathering the soap in the tin cup. He then transferred the suds to this small bowl (which, I believe, would make an excellent ice cream bowl) and added some shave cream (apparently Kiss My Face is the recommended brand). With quick movements, Aaron was able to create an entire bowlful of lather! Amazing, in my opinion.

After slathering it all over his face in circular motions came the moment of truth...the first swipe of the blade. I think we were both secretly surprised he didn't draw blood right off the bad. But, no, he amazingly was able to shave his entire face without nicking himself once. But think he was done now? Think again...

After washing his face off, he applied the lather again and shaved again. Apparently this old-school technique of shaving is a go slow, don't hurry, take you time kind of thing. Definitely not for me, but this is right up Aaron's alley.

So here's the finished product. Pretty nice, huh?

Astonishingly, Aaron also shaved tonight. I honestly don't remember the last time he shaved two days in a row. He has always hated shaving with a passion. And me? I have always hated facial hair with a passion. Guess who really struck gold with this one?
Now all I have to do is make sure I get my fair share of Diaper Swapping time so that he's not always chatting in his Shave Den!