Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Preparing for a "Grand" Time in Fargo

Planning to take a grandchild on a weekend road trip is very interesting. We're taking Camille to see her great-grandparents in Fargo...leaving her parents at home for their first weekend alone since March. What should we pack? Will she cry because she misses her parents? Will her great-grandparents love her and enjoy her as much as we do? How many diapers do we pack? How do we decide which of her adorable dresses to take to show her off in?

Yes, show her off we will. With her sweet personality, and the occasional scowl (which also is adorable), what's not to love about grandchild number one? She's smart, clever, gets along with practically everyone, loves to play outside, play with her kitties, play with her mommy and daddy....Oh-oh, we're not bringing them. Play with grandma and grandpa.

Here's the list of items to pack in the car: carseatdiaperstoysclothesnuksmoretoysmoreclothesmorediaperslotsoffoodplentyof drinkingcupshighchairwhathaveIforgotten?Ohyeahthestrollerandthatpolka-dotraincoat. Whew!

Is that enough to take care of one toddler?

I haven't even discussed the camera. Should I bring my compact digital or the mom's BIG digital with lots of buttons I know nothing about? It would be good for the parents if I could post a blog while in Fargo so they can see their little Camille...the way Megan and others see her on a regular basis. These decisions are yet to be decided: the big camera or the little? To post or not to post? I guess it all depends on whether I get access to the Internet.

Mom and Dad, enjoy your weekend! Don't worry about us. You can smother your little girl with kisses when we return.

It's gonna be a "grand" time in matter what we forget!

--Grand-Ma Goggles


Carolyn and Evan said...

Sounds like FUN! I remember when I was younger my grandparents took all 13 of their grandkids (provided we were older than Camille) on a heritage trip to North Dakota! I'm sure you'll have a grand time!