Sunday, April 5, 2009

Dresses Galore!

This morning Camille wore one of Isabel's dresses to church. She got so many comments on it that I wanted to publically thank Isabel for letting Camille borrow it! The following is the best I could do at getting a picture of her wearing it. It seems these days that as soon as Camille sees the camera she either runs towards it or away from it. Neither of which is good for actually taking a picture! I finally got her to sort of sit still on the fireplace harth. Bad idea. Now she thinks it's a fun place to play. Will I ever learn???

When my parents came home from church (they went to the late service, we went to the early) they brought back this super cute Twins dress for Camille (it came with a matching hat, which she won't keep on)! Grandma just couldn't help stopping by the Twins Pro Shop to see if that had anything Camille-sized. We think it's just adorable, and now are trying to figure out when we can go to a game as a family. We're hoping to go to a weekday afternoon game sometime next month. That is, if Isabel wants to join us!

No plans for the rest of the afternoon. My Dad, Aaron, and Camille are all taking naps right now (I had mine after church!) and my Mom is at a baby shower, so the house is quiet for once! I think I'll curl up with a book and read for a bit...