Saturday, April 4, 2009

BabyLegs and Etsy

Earlier today Stellan's mommy posted on her blog that Stellan's BabyLegs (leg warmers for babies) had accidentally been taken with his sheets to the laundry room and were lost. Realizing that we had three new pairs of BabyLegs sitting in a drawer, we put them in a bag and decided to drive up to Children's to drop them off for him. We LOVE it when Camille wears her BabyLegs! They are so cute, and make diaper changes so much easier compared to when she's wearing tights or pants. Hopefully Stellan will enjoy his new leg warmers! I'm praying that they can be a blessing to him (and his mom) during this tough time.

On another note, I see on their blog that some sellers on Etsy are partnering to offer the proceeds on some of their items to go to Stellan's family. I, myself, am a huge fan of Etsy. I love the idea of buying something straight from its maker and supporting them in their own small business. Anyway, if you'd like to browse the items for sale that are supporting Stellan, enter "Stellan" in the search box. It will list the items available. I've got my eye on some of the hair clippies, which are absolutely adorable! I encourage you to take a look, and to browse through the other things Etsy has to offer. It's full of millions of handmade that you won't find anywhere else.

If you're already interested in things like this, I also recommend Hyena Cart. This is actually the site that I purchased Camille's doll, Violet, on. And those of you who know Camille well know how much she loves Violet!