Saturday, March 14, 2009

Spring is just around the corner!

I can feel it in my bones! We finally have a streak of nice and warm weather, so I jumped at the chance to take some pictures of Camille outside this evening. We brought her to JC Penney to have her pictures taken, but she wasn't really cooperating and none of them turned out. Needless to say, I thought I'd give it a try on my own. My major problem with photographing her right now is that she practically refuses to look into the camera! I did manage catch her a couple of times though. And yes, I've included another crying picture. If I remember correctly, she was upset that I made her sit down. No biggie, don't worry!

I think we're going to try to go to a park tomorrow, or maybe the zoo, so I can get some more practice in. I'm still trying to figure out the settings on our new camera. I've decided not to let myself shoot on auto anymore, so I've been trying to fiddle with the manual settings.

On a side note, Camille had her first sleep-over last night! Isabel spent last night and most of today with us while her parents were at a retreat at church. The girls had a great time and Isabel was such a good little guest! We'd be happy to have her over anytime her mommy and daddy need a night off!

Well, that's it for now! Maybe I'll have more pictures for you (yes, you Megan!) tomorrow :)