Monday, December 1, 2008

Florida: Part II

We started our day off bright and early (Camille was, of course, awake at 6 this morning) and arrived at the Magic Kingdom just after it opened at 9. We proceeded directly to the Main Street Barber, where Camille was the fourth child to recieve their first haircut today. That's right, she's had her hair cut, even though it's not long at all! But you'd better believe that tomorrow she will be sporting the much missed faux-hawk that we all love so much. The hair on the top of her head had grown too long and it would no longer stay up on its own. She received an "official" certificate, hair clippings (mixed in with some pixie dust), and a pink mouse ears hat with "first haircut" embroidered on the back. Michael, the man who cut her hair, covered her in Mickey stickers to occupy her while he cut it. I don't think she'd ever seen so many stickers in her life!

After her haircut we took the train to Frontierland and took turns riding Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and staying with Camille. Mom had never been on it before and isn't a roller coaster fan, but she rode it anyway - I'm so proud of her! Camille fell asleep in the stroller, much to our surprise, and slept for over an hour while we walked around and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

While she was sleeping, Aaron tried pulling the sword out of the stone. Guess he's got to go lift some weights at the gym here at our resort! Maybe by the end of our vacation he'll be able to get it out!
We enjoyed lunch at Columbia Harbor house after Camille woke up. She was in a great mood but was ready to be out of her stroller for a little bit. We all took turns holding her.
As we were walking down a quiet walkway around the side of the castle we practically ran right in to Cinderella's Fairy Godmother. She was more than willing to hold Camille for a photo op, and Camille was very intrigued by her. We've discovered that she's really great at going with the flow, and really hasn't been afraid of anyone or anything. She even really seemed to like Pirates of the Caribbean!
This is just before we rode Peter Pan's Flight, one of our favorite rides. Daddy was tickling her, of course. While we were in line she kept waving at the people that were passing by. Everyone thought she was just the cutest thing!
We wanted to get a family picture in front of the castle, but the sun was so bright that we only took this one. I decided we'd try to come back another day during a time when the sun isn't so directly in front of the castle!
At around 2 pm we headed over to Animal Kingdom because we had dinner reservations at a new buffet in the Africa section, called Tusker House. It was the best buffet I've ever had, and included the best green beans I've ever had! The food was wonderful, but Camille was getting tired and we knew it was time to head back to the resort. She fell asleep en route (we had to take a bus and a tram before we got to our car) and waited in the car with Grandpa while the rest of us ran in to Walmart (to pick up necessities, including toothbrushes because I accidentally left ours at Bryan and Megan's). She's still sleeping now, in the mini crib, still in her clothes. She's plum tuckered out! Tomorrow isn't going to be quite as busy of a day. We're going to relax here at the resort until after Camille's morning nap and then head to Epcot for the rest of the day.
Sorry this was so long! I'm going to go get ready for bed and hopefully get a good night's sleep :)