Wednesday, August 28, 2013

endings and beginnings

It's been a glorious summer! Friendships have been made and strengthened, goals have been achieved, swimsuits have faded, tan lines have darkened, neighbors have been helped, messes have been made, new games have been learned, races have been run.

This is really the first summer in ages that has really felt like summer. It's a feeling I can't quite describe. But I am sure sad it's over.

Endings can be hard.

But beginnings can be fun!

Aaron has been working hard since May to achieve a lifelong dream. He graduates and earns his star in just six days. His oldest brother will be visiting for a week to help us celebrate. Then after a short break Aaron makes another transition into his new career.

Camille and Levi are looking forward to new things as well. On the same day Aaron graduates they begin a new year of AWANA. Levi will be a Red Cubbie, while Camille moves up into the Sparks program. They've been anticipating this all summer long. And while they grow in Christ on Tuesday evenings, Aaron and I will grow closer together as we finally enjoy a weekly date night.

As all this happens, we are also transitioning into a new school year. My intention was that we would school through the summer, but we were enjoying our lazy days so much that we didn't get much done.

So today we started fresh. New school books, new goals, and of course the obligatory first day of school photos!

And because they always like to throw in a silly one...

After snapping some photos we grabbed our newly sharpened pencils, school books, and other schooling necessities (you know, like Duplos) and got to work.

Then, while most kids were in school, and to reward ourselves for a job well-done, we went swimming.

And that's about it! The first day of school was a success. And all done before lunch time.

Bring on the rest of the year!