Sunday, October 2, 2011

change is in the air

In just three short weeks the moving truck will be in our driveway.

We're spending our days soaking up Minnesota in all its Autumn glory.

Collecting (and raking) leaves.
Visiting a local apple orchard.
Zipping up our jackets.
Enjoying hot tub soaks as a family.
Watching the trees change colors.

Change is certainly in the air.

We're preparing to say many difficult goodbyes.
Preparing to pack our bags.
Preparing our move across the country.
Preparing to meet new friends.

Stay tuned!

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Through Grand-ma Goggles said...

Oh, what fun. I can smell the fresh fall air, and the leaves. Levi is now my least until he is here and wants the fishes back.

Cheryle said...

Change is coming indeed - exciting but also a bit scary. I have no doubt God will show you some amazing things through this move. Love catching up on your blog. Your kids are so photogentic and I can see their personalities in your shots. You are a fabulous mom and a super blogger.