Tuesday, August 16, 2011

little gymnast

Camille has been taking preschool gymnastics classes at IGM since April, when Auntie Megan signed her up. She loves going every week, loves her coaches, and loves having a designated time for running, jumping, swinging, and having fun.

So, for Megan, who is back in Mexico and unable to watch Camille at class, I wanted to upload a few short videos.

At the beginning of class they do "warm-ups" and then for most of the time they basically do obstacle course circuts. One for balance beam (as shown above), one for bars, and one for tumbling type things (as shown below). The kids just love it, and are happy that they get to do things by themselves without any help.

Levi usually comes with us when Camille has class. There is a toy area that usually keeps him busy, though on several occasions I've had to retrieve him from near the balance beam if I've been distracted and not kept a good eye on him. Today he discovered that he could see over the half-wall if he stood on the Duplo table. Yep, he's a climber. But more on that later!

On Friday mornings the gym has open gym time for the little kids. We try to go at least once a month, and Levi really enjoys being able to roam around without getting into trouble.

Thursday is Camille's last class. Not sure if we will find a gym after we move, or if she will try out something new. I think we'll have to let her decide!

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