Tuesday, June 28, 2011

letting you in on a secret

Last week it rained.

And rained. And rained.

And it was cold.

It was also my first week watching Isabel, as well as Josiah, three days a week.

Needless to say, we were all going a little bit crazy by day three (or was it day one?). We were getting on each other's nerves. They were tired of playing with the same toys. I was tired of cleaning the kitchen.

Being stuck in the house with four kids ages three and under wasn't fun.

This week? Well, let's just say things are looking brighter. And warmer.

Ahh, picnics.

Did you know that a picnic is a mommy's secret weapon?

The kids think they are getting a very special treat when you tell them they can have a picnic. But it's actually the mommy that benefits.

Real dishes? Nah, let's use paper plates today.
Crumbs? The birds love to eat those. Just leave 'em!
Napkin? I think your shirt will do just fine.
Leftovers? Here comes Levi!

Yes, I do believe we will be having quite a few picnics this summer.

I wonder if they will think picnics are such a special treat if we do them every day. Actually, though, I don't think the answer really matters!

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