Wednesday, May 18, 2011


As many of you know, Levi has been battling ear infections since February. I think a fair estimate for exactly how many he has had is in the 7 to 10 range.

We've tried lots of things in an effort to avoid ear infections:

  • Antibiotics to treat
  • Garlic ear drops to treat
  • Probiotics to keep him healthy
  • Avoiding dairy to rule out dairy allergy
  • chiropractic adjustments
This has all been to no avail. 

Today he had a consultation with an ENT. This began with a hearing test. It was determined that Levi has moderate hearing loss due to fluid in the ears. When we met with the ENT it was suggested that have a procedure done to put "tubes" in Levi's ears. (The tubes are more like grommets in the ear drums which allow fluid to drain and antibiotics to be administered directly to the ear.)

We mentioned to Dr. J that we'll be out of town next week and asked him about how Levi's fluid-filled ears will feel on the flights. Within 15 minutes he had consulted his surgery schedule (and those of his colleagues) and found a way to fit Levi's procedure in to his schedule.

Tomorrow morning.

Yikes! All of a sudden things are happening so fast. 

For so long we've been dealing with these ear infections with really no way to help Levi feel better. By the time we got home today he'd had his hearing tested, consulted with the ENT, scheduled (very minor) surgery, and completed a pre-op appointment.

Now all we have to do is get through tonight. Even though Levi still nurses several times during the night, he's supposed to be without food or drink beginning at midnight.

I'm both nervous and excited right now. Concerned about my son undergoing anesthesia, but hopeful that the placement of the tubes will relieve the fluid pressure that he has constantly had in his ears for many months now. Worried that he will have a hard night, but looking forward to tomorrow night knowing his current ear infection won't be causing him pain.

So please pray for Levi tomorrow. I know everything will be fine, but mamas always worry!

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