Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Oscar & Olie

Do you have room in your heart and in your home for these two kitties?

When weighing pros and cons of deciding whether or not we should move, one of the toughest issues was knowing that choosing to move would mean giving up our kitties.

Aaron and I adopted Oscar and Olie from a no-kill animal foster home through Last Hope in 2006 when they were just a couple months old. Though they weren't litter-mates, they were "foster brothers" and had already been together for several weeks. We decided to adopt them both, rather than separate them. They made a smooth transition into our home and made a great addition to our family. Now that we have children of our own we have witnessed that they truly are wonderful "family" cats.

After many weeks spent in prayer and discussion about our potential move, the decision was made. We truly feel God calling us to move with my family to San Diego.

Now we begin the difficult process of finding a new home for these guys. We have contacted local no-kill shelters but have found that none (that we know of) are accepting cats at this time. Nothing would please us more than to be able to move with the peace of knowing that our kitties will be taken care of by a family who will love them. Our last resort option is to bring them to a traditional animal shelter, though we would like to avoid this at all costs.

So I ask that you would pray for us during this time of transition, and that you would pray we would be able to find a new home for Oscar and Olie. And I ask you to consider if your own home might be a nice fit for them as well.

The most most difficult part of this move is knowing that we will need to leave part of our "family" behind. If you think you can help us out, please feel free to contact me at throughmommygoggles (at) gmail (dot) com with any questions you may have.

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Carolyn said...

If it comes to it, I have a coworker who is a foster mom for cats -- takes them in and finds them homes. But I sent your blog post out to other friends as well, so hopefully someone can take them in permanently.

jenna - through mommy goggles said...

Thanks Carolyn :)

aTXtumbleweed said...

Wondering why you can't take them with you?

Anonymous said...

Why can't you take them with you? They're a part of your family, don't leave them behind. Cats travel well and it's not like California has a no cats law!

I hope you take them with you...


Courtney said...

Also wanting to know why? Not trying to be mean at all. I've moved lots with my cats (and dog) and if you need some help figuring out how to make the move I can lend you my ideas.

(ps I"m only posting cuz I saw this on Mckmam's facebook and I'm a huge animal lover)

Trisha said...
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Trisha said...

Oh my, your kitties look so sweet. I will be praying that you will be able to find a wonderful home for them. I hate to see any animal go to a traditional shelter. We got our first kitty from there and while I would go back to rescue one again, it still makes me sad to think of the ones we had to leave behind. There was one orange kitten in particular that I wish we could have brought home too and still feel a bit guilty about it almost 13 years later. Looking at the adult cats was sad too because I know so many people overlook them in favor of a kitten. I think we may do an adult the next time we adopt. Anyway, I will be praying for this situation for you.