Wednesday, March 16, 2011

at three years old...


  • Knows all her upper-case letters and most of her lower-case (and the sounds they make)
  • Can count to 13
  • Adores her doll Susanna more than anything else
  • Is an excellent assistant in the kitchen
  • Has been known to wear her brother's pants as capris
  • Often blurts out a priate-y phrase such as ahoy thar and Captain Hook is closing in!
  • Has no problem eating stray Cheerios she finds on the floor
  • Asks for cereal for breakfast every morning (usually at least two kinds mixed together)
  • Can get herself completely dressed (and will often change her clothes when she should be napping)
  • Calls Levi big brother despite the fact that he is younger and smaller than her
  • Has almost completely given up her afternoon nap
  • Requests peanut butter and jelly for nearly every meal
  • Would listen to her Little House picture books all day long
  • Washes Levi's hair all by herself when they take baths together
  • Loves playing doctor and makes sure to give (or get) a thorough check-up
  • Is one of the most creative, talkative, caring, and beautiful children I know

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