Tuesday, February 1, 2011

tricks of the trade

Sometimes I just need a few minutes to myself. 
To gather my thoughts. 
Or to change a diaper.
Or whatever.

So I've learned a few tricks of the trade that can buy me a few moments of peace and quiet.

My trick for Levi these days: Cheerios.

But to keep Camille entertained the other day I set her at the table with a tray full of rice and cups and scoops of various sizes.

She played there quietly and contentedly for nearly an hour.

Scooping and pouring.

Pouring and scooping.

It was well worth the dozens (hundreds?) of rice pieces I had to vacuum up when I was finally able to convince her to put it away.

Oh, and this is the lovely face she gave me when I asked her to "give Mama a little smile."

Cute, isn't she?

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adelantegirl said...

Add some dried beans and a digger and a symp truck and you have fuel for even more hours if fun!!!