Sunday, February 6, 2011

he's making a move

We've been in the process of moving Levi into Camille's room. It's been a rather long process, exacerbated by the kids' illnesses over the past week. 

Our plan of action has been to put Levi down in a pack n' play in Camille's room at night when she goes to bed, and then move him to his crib our room when he wakes up demanding to nurse. 

But today we made this transition much more permanent by moving his crib upstairs and the pack n' play downstairs. 

I know, it all looks rather pink. You can read my previous post about that.

So we'll just have to see how this goes. One problem is that Levi still wakes at least twice each night to nurse. One of the reasons I wanted to move him out of our room is to try to discourage these middle-of-the-night dates. But I'm pretty sure that if it ends up being more work than we had wanted, Aaron still won't be interested in dismantling the crib again to put it up downstairs.

Wish us luck!!

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