Sunday, January 23, 2011


I've never been much of a marshmallow person.

Sure, I love a roasted marshmallow or marshmallows floating in hot chocolate as much as the next person.

But just pop a cold marshmallow into my mouth for enjoyment? Never.

Until this morning.

Last night I happened upon a recipe for springy, fluffy marshmallows.

After about an hour of kitchen time whipping in the mixer and cooking at the stove, keeping close eye on the candy thermometer, then spreading out my white ooey gooey goodness into a pan and letting it sit overnight...

Then after turning my sheet of marshmallow onto the counter, sprinkling it with powdered sugar, and dicing it up with my pizza cutter...

I'm left with these small morsels of heavenly sweetness.

I'm officially a marshmallow convert.

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PS. This is definitely not a cooking project I recommend you do with a small child. Mine were peacefully tucked into bed when I set out on this culinary adventure.