Saturday, January 15, 2011

ice cube sun catchers

Kristy is right! Camille's fingers were covered with food coloring yesterday! 

We got the idea for ice cube sun catchers when we saw them on this blog the last week. I knew instantly that we would be trying this at least once this winter.

First we filled ice cube trays with colored water and put it outside on the front step to freeze.

Camille checked on our trays about every 15 minutes and kept asking if they were almost ready to eat.

When they were finally frozen we popped them out, put them into a tray used for making four small bundt cakes, and put them into the freezer overnight.

Then this morning we cut yarn and hung our new wintery sun catchers on the deck railing. The sun was already overhead when we hung them today, so we're looking forward to seeing it shine through them when we get up in the morning.

I'm sure we'll be doing this project again very soon. Camille is very into doing projects these days so I'm always scrambling to come up with something fun and inexpensive to do with her. This one definitely fits the bill! However, next time we will make our ice cubes deeper colors. At first I was afraid they'd be too dark, but now that we see how much they lighten up I want to see how it turns out when they're darker.

I can't wait to find out!

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theengercafe said...

Cute idea! I think I'll try these with my PreK kids sometime soon!

Kristy said...

Yay! I was right! Cute idea - I will have to try that with Isabel this weekend! :)