Monday, October 18, 2010

why we use cloth diapers

Warning: This post may contain a very graphic image. The faint of stomach should not continue.

You have been warned.


Initially, we cloth diapered to save money. And we still do.

Another reason we continue to use cloth is because, frankly, it's become somewhat of a hobby of mine.

Camille wears cloth at night because she prefers it over disposables.

But this is one major reason why Levi wears cloth. Not only do I like for him to wear cloth, this is why I loathe for him to wear disposables. This (to some degree) is what happens no less than 50% of the time he poops when he is wearing a disposable diaper.


Perhaps I am completely inept at fastening a disposable diaper on my son.
Perhaps he is oddly shaped.
Perhaps I have bought the wrong size disposable diapers.

But suffice it to say that we use cloth. And this is why.

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Heather Mahon Estey said...

Amen! We have the exact same problem when our little girls wear paper diapers...and I have been changing diapers since I was 17 either FT or PT! So I dont think it is just you Jenna! LOL! :) Nice shot! :)