Friday, September 17, 2010

24 hours

A lot can change in 24 hours.

Yesterday Camille had her first day of school.

She's in an older class this year, and in a room that's much more like a classroom and less like a nursery. And since she's in a larger combined class with two age levels, she also has two teachers!

When I went to pick her up at 2 I literally had to carry her out of her classroom. She didn't want to leave! As I put her in the car she was telling me what a fun day she had at school and all about her new friends.

But now, just 24 hours later, I've got a little girl who is feeling quite sick.

She's got a tummy ache and a low-grade fever and has spent most of the day sleeping and watching tv. And I'm trying to find the balance between comforting her and trying not to catch it myself!

One thing I've learned since having Camille is this: Kids can go from feeling great to feeling cruddy really quickly. But just as quickly they can bounce right back to feeling great again. So I'm hopeful that she'll be her cheerful and energetic self again soon!

UPDATE: After two doses of Tylenol and extra snuggles at bedtime, Camille slept great and was back to normal today (except for a runny nose)! It just amazes me at how much energy she can have after being so sick for a day!

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Catherine said...

Bummer! Asher woke up yesterday feeling crummy, too. :( We watched 3 movies over the course of the day! Goodness knows that isn't normal. Hope Camille is better soon!