Saturday, July 24, 2010

camping {the easy way}

Aaron and I love going camping. We both grew up going on regular weekend camping trips with our families, and even went camping last year as a family of three.

This year I just wasn't up to a full-blown camping experience with two kids. At least not in July when the weather is usually hot hot hot and often stormy. So when Aaron's family planned a weekend camping get-together we declined and decided that if the weather was nice we would join them for part of the day.

Well, last night was very stormy. I am very glad we weren't in tents outside!

But today was beautiful!

So we cheated. We enjoyed many of the fun camping experiences without actually having to sleep in a tent and make midd-of-the-night trips to the bathroom. We didn't have to try to remember to pack every single thing we could possibly need. We didn't have to listen to the neighbors hooting and hollering at midnight.

No, instead we got up this morning, showered in our own showers, put the kids in the car and joined some of our favorite people for a morning of camping relaxation.

Levi slept wrapped onto Aaron most of the three hours we were there.

Camille was able to have some rare playtime with Aaron's cousin Valerie.

Lydia spent some time peeking out of the camper window and calling to whoever was passing by.

And once Levi finally woke up he soaked up hugs and kisses in Aunt Susie's arms.

Camille slept most of the whole way home.

Levi cried most of the way home.

We paid the price for Camille not having her usual nap. But it was worth it I think.

We may attempt a camping trip early this fall, or we may just wait until next summer. But whenever it is I'm sure it will be eventful!

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Magi said...

i LOVE the last picture of Levi yawning! miss you all a whole lot...

loki photography said...

Looks fun! I'm going through some camping withdrawal right now:(

On another note..
I always love reading your blog and looking through all your cute picture, and so, I have a blog award for you! :)
{come visit me for the details}