Monday, May 3, 2010

sleepless in the hospital

We are doing well and enjoying our new baby boy! It was a nearly sleepless night last night, but I think we're still surviving on adrenaline, which has been nice.

I'm sure the crash is coming soon though.

We've had several visitors (thanks for coming, friends!) today, taken a couple naps, and Levi passed his hearing test.

Camille came for another visit this morning and was much more interested in Levi.

She brought him some new clothes and a ducky towel and got to "hold" him for the first time.

With Daddy's help of course.

And it wasn't long before she declaired 'mille self, and promptly set her mind that she was going to try to slide off Daddy's lap with baby brother in her arms.

Luckily Aaron was able to keep a firm grip on her, while someone else rescued Levi.

We'll definitely have to watch her closely once we're home. Can't you just see her scooping him up out of his bouncy seat to rock him in her rocking chair?


Don't worry, we won't let that happen.

We've ordered pizza for dinner tonight. I've been wanting some for a few days so I'm super excited about it.


Tomorrow we go home. Wish us luck!
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loki photography said...

I found myself wearing Haakon pretty much all the time to keep him from getting loved to death by Coralee. Big sisters just LOVE to try and be mommy.