Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Estimated due dates (EDD) are so decieving. You spend your entire pregnancy with one date in mind. It becomes your goal. If only I can make it to (insert date here) I'll have survived and have a sweet little baby. You even dare to think, maybe I won't even make it to that date, maybe the baby will come early!

I remember the night before my EDD with Camille. I went to bed totally dejected, thinking how awful it was that I had reached my EDD and still had no baby in my arms. I remember it clear as day: Tomorrow is going to come and go like any other day. I've been looking towards this day for nine months and it's just going to pass right by me.

I really slept great that night, ironically. For those of you who have endured nine months of pregnancy, you know that a good night's sleep when you're that far along is rare.

And I got out of bed in the morning and headed downstairs to have breakfast with Aaron before he left for work.

And my water broke. On my EDD.

The day I least expected to have a baby was the day our sweet Camille was born!

So here I am now, on the eve of my EDD with my second pregnancy.

I'm feeling not the least bit dejected. Not at all upset or stressed out. Not even anxious.

Will I sleep great tonight? Likely not. Insomnia has been plaguing me for a couple weeks now.

Almost certainly tomorrow will come and go like any other day. But for some reason that doesn't bother me a bit. This baby will be born one day or another, one way or another.

I mean, really, it can't stay in there forever!

So tomorrow goes on just as planned. Camille will go to school. I have a doctor's appointment. Aaron and I will hit a few garage sales. We may visit the Mill City Museum, which we've been wanting to do for ages. And tomorrow night I'll go to sleep and wait another day.

And that's OK!
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