Saturday, January 16, 2010

through daddy goggles: second haircut edition

Camille had her second haircut today. But I really can't be the one to tell you about it. You see, I wasn't even there. I was off getting a pedicure with my mom. Aaron was the one who took Camille on a daddy-daughter outing to Kids' Hair. But this much I do know: It went far better than her first haricut!

I should also add that it was Aaron who took all the photos. Pretty impressive, huh?

So without further ado I introduce to you through daddy goggles!

Camille wasn't to sure about getting into the big red chair.  It took very little coaxing though.  A chance to buckle into the chair? Oh and there may have been a sucker involved too.

When she got all settled in, she boldy proclaimed " I TALL!" Which definiantly got Holly, her stylist, to laugh.

Her very first braid! She never sits that still when we try to do her hair.

She practically stole the Mirror out of Holly's hands.

Camille and I had a great time. On the way home she ate a second sucker. Smart daddy that I am, I strategically chose the white cream soda flavored suckers for her so that we wouldn't end up with a colored sticky mess. Jenna was so proud that I had thought to do that!


Well, I guess that's that! I so love that Camille loves spending time with Aaron. And maybe, just maybe, I'm a little bit biased, but I think they make up a pretty good-looking team!

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Anika said...

Great post, Aaron! Camille's haircut is so adorable, oh my goodness!