Monday, January 25, 2010

problem solved

What do you do when you need to make dinner and yet you have a toddler who gets into mischief quite easily?

Why, you strap her to your back and get cookin', that's what.

(Yes, her finger is up her nose. Yes, she'll hate me one day for posting this picture. No, she didn't do any hands-on helping. Yes, our dinner was booger-free. Yes, I just Googled booger to make sure I was spelling it right. No, I didn't click on Google Images to make sure I had the right thing.)

In case you're wondering, dinner was delicious. We had flank steak with a teriyaki marinade, steamed veggies, fresh pineapple, and cheese and spinach ravioli. Aaron is a fantastic cook! Thanks for giving me a much-needed break by tackling dinner and keeping an eye on Camille at the same time. Love you, honey!

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Brandi Tejeda said...

Very cool!!!! Your dinner sounds delicious and your dd is adorable! :)

Anika said...

yum-yum! Good idea, Jenna! I loved the pictures!

Traci said...

LoVe this! If the Lord blesses us with more babies I would like to do that. So CuTe! (hee hee)
It looks like fun was had by all and that bellies were made full. The perfect way to end the day!

~traci :D

Kristy said...

What darling photos and I love the backpack carrier! We have to get Isabel used to one of those things. What a great way to keep them happy without having to carry them around on your hip!

Amber said...

Looks great!! I have made dinner SEVERAL times like this myself!! Love the green Boba, fav!

my Beco said...

Great Boba baby carrier! And dinner sounded delish!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I wish my husband would wear Peanut!