Monday, December 14, 2009

in which i evoke jealousy

Sit back.

Close your eyes.

What do you hear? I hear...
Christmas music playing

What do you smell? I smell...
Coppertone WaterBabies sunscreen
Pool water

What do you feel? I feel...
Sunshine on my face
Warm cement under my feet
A breeze blowing in my hair

Jealous yet?

Thought so.
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Megan said...

Camilikins has definately become EVEN CUTER since I've been gone!

Kami said...

I will admit to a bit of jealousy! :) These pictures are great - I hope your vacation is insanely relaxing for you! Merry Christmas :)

jeanniep said...

Your writing is very poetic! You are a naughty poet to evoke such jealousy on purpose!

Love you all lots. Glad you are having fun.

~Grandma Jeannie

The Fritz Facts said...

Yes...yes I am.