Friday, December 11, 2009

my Christmas miracle

As some of you know, my cell phone went mysteriously missing yesterday. I had just dropped the girls off at school and was on my way to my 20 week OB appointment. I used my phone to call Aaron while I was in the car and pulled into the clinic's parking lot with barely enough time to run in and get to my appointment at 9:50. I was hurrying so I wouldn't be late, but when after I checked in and sat down to wait to be called back I realized I didn't have my phone with me.

I went about my appointment (met with a new doctor, who I actually really liked and will stick with for the duration of this pregnancy). After scheduling my 24 week appointment I headed back to the car to check for my phone. No phone. I looked on the ground as I made my way back into the clinic to ask security of they had seen a lost phone. They hadn't. Back to the car I went, where I checked extra good under my car and on the ground around my car. No phone.

Now, it's pretty common (maye once or twice a week) for me to forget my phone is in my lap while I'm driving, then to get out of the car and have it fall on the ground. But I always hear it fall. And I hadn't heard it fall.

So I went home and called Aaron and told him my sad story of the missing cell phone. Then I went out to lunch with a friend.

Later in the evening...Wait, actually late in the evning (we had already been in bed and I was whining that I was misssing my phone) Aaron decided he was going to go to the clinic to look in the parking lot for my phone. (What a husband!) I said I'd go with him and we headed out to the garage to get in the car.

Then the miracle happened! My friend happened to be stopping by (at after 10 at night!) to pick something up from us before we leave on vacation. She pulled into the driveway just as Aaron was getting ready to back out of the garage. I made my way to the driveway to meet my friend and noticed something reflecting off the ground from her headlights. Shiny? In the driveway?

My phone!!!!!

How could this be possible???

I still have no idea. At no point during the day did I even stop in the driveway (I park in the garage), let alone open the door (thus offering a chance for my phone to fall out). Which means my phone must have been somewhere on the exterior of the car hiding from me, but it hung on all the way from the clinic to our house and finally let go once we were in the driveway heading into the garage.


And this, dear friends, is my Christmas miracle!

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P.S. If this makes no sense whatsoever please let me know and I'll try to make it more clear!


Kami said...

Jenna this made me giggle! I, too, have been notorious for losing my phone (which is why I always put it in the exact same place when I'm done with it now!). Thank God that it made it all the way home with you! :)

Hoping your Christmas is wonderful!

The Fritz Facts said...

So glad I am not the only one who drops their phone when they get out of the car, at least once a week.

So glad you found your phone, or that is followed you home!