Tuesday, August 11, 2009

just the two of us

I endured 30 long hours without my sweet Camille yesterday and today. She went with Aaron's mom on an over-night visit to her great-grandparents' home in southern MN. And while I certainly missed her, it was really nice to have some quality time with Isabel. This morning we went to my friend Brenda's house to enjoy the warm weather and friends to play with. Isabel and Brenda's son Owen had a great time splashing the water, filling and pouring out cups, and going down the slide. It was truly a relaxing morning. And I can honestly say it probably wouldn't have been relaxing if Camille had been there. Not that we both wouldn't have had fun, but she's just so much more active (and mischevious and curious) than Isabel is. I can pretty much trust that Isabel isn't going to run off or dump water on someone or go looking for an elecrical outlet to play with if I'm not within reach of her. But Camille...well, she's a whole 'nother story!