Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Haiku Tuesday: 5th edition

No photo tonight, sorry everyone! But something really funny happened tonight after we put Camille to bed, so I thought I'd write a haiku about it...

new princess nightgown
busy hands remove diaper
wet spot on the crib

Tonight we put Camille down for the first without her sleepsack on. Our idea was to put her in a nightgown since it would be sort of like a sleepsack (well, more like a sleepsack than footie pajamas). It took her a while to fall asleep. She was perfectly happy chatting in bed for about 30 minutes. When she did finally go to sleep I decided to go check on her, only to find that she was sleeping quite soundly, and quite diaperless. She'd been wearing a BumGenius cloth diaper, and had quietly removed the velcro tabs and taken off her diaper. And fallen asleep. I went to tell Aaron, and together we put another diaper on her and moved her back up to her pillow, only to reveal a nice wet spot at the foot of her crib.

I guess tomorrow night she'll be wearing a onesie under her nightgown.

Please write your own haiku (I usually have a photo that goes with mine, but not this week), post it to your own blog, then add the link to your post to my MckLinky at the bottom of this post!


Amanda said...

That is too cute! Its amazing how children entertain themselves... I think a onsie is a great idea!


Tina Fisher said...

Great story.....and of course there would have to be laundry to do huh? That would be my luck as well!