Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Visit to Urgent Care

Please don't be alarmed. This trip to Park Nicollet's Urgent Care wasn't for Camille.

Aaron's symptoms showed up two or three ago. At first when he told me I basically ignored him, then he mentioned it again and I told him he'd be fine. But last night when he brought it up a third time I actually stopped what I was doing and listened to him. He then lifted the back of his shirt to reveal his shoulder blade to me. My first though was, "This guy needs to see a dermatologist." But really, it didn't seem imminently dangerous. I told him I'd google it in the morning.

So this morning I got up when Camille did (she actually slept until 7:20!) and told my Mom about Aaron's symptoms. We googled it and came up with a home diagnosis. I then went downstairs to wake Aaron up. We told him he might want to go in to Urgent Care this morning. After telling him why, he got ready and left for the Burnsville clinic.

After 40 minutes he called us at home. It turns out the conclusion my Mom and I had reached was accurate. The diagnosis: Shingles.

That's right, folks, Aaron has shingles. STAY AWAY! Just kidding. We're told it's not very contagious. So far it's not horribly painful for him, but it could mean taking quite a bit of time off work, depending on how bad it gets.

The prayer request: Please pray that the anti-virals Aaron was prescribed are successful in holding the virus at bay. Pray that he wouldn't experience significant pain, which is very common with Shingles. Pray that he won't have to take up to two weeks off of work because of the virus and pain (which is also common with Shingles).

Thanks for listening, everyone. I bet you're glad I didn't include any photos in this post!

Blessings on your weekend,