Sunday, April 19, 2009

Emergency Room Visit

Well, we just got back from the E.R. at Fairview Ridges Hospital. Camille fell down a step earlier this evening and hit the back of her head pretty hard ont he hardwood floor. She seemed OK, but then got super cranky. We thought maybe she was just hungry, but just before we gave her dinner she threw up. Then she was immediately very lethargic, and practically falling asleep in Aaron's arms. We got worried, went to the E.R. (she fell asleep on the way), threw up again in the waiting room, and had a temp of 100.8. Poor kid! Well doses of Zoftan and Tylenol, and a CT scan later, we are back home. She finally perked up about an hour after the meds. Her CT scan came back normal. So now we're just waiting to see if the upset tummy was a fluke or if maybe she has some sort of virus.

She and I are going to stay home tomorrow. We don't want Isabel catching anything! We praise God that she didn't have a serious injury, but pray that she starts feeling better soon. Thanks for checking in on us!