Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap

I've heard about Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap before, but never really put any thought into what it was used for or where I could buy it. But yesterday when I was browsing Target's Sunday circular from last week (which was Earth Week) I discovered that they had some on sale. Huh, I thought. Maybe I should try some. So off we went to Target. I figured, if it's on sale, then I might as well get some. Unfortunately, the one that was on sale was out of stock, so we grabbed a rain check and a travel size bottle of the Lavendar scent (along with organic shampoo and conditioner for me, hair gel for Aaron, and a few other things) and went to the check-out.

When we got home I googled Dr. Bronners. And much to my surprise, it appears as if you can use Dr. Bronner's for just about anything! I love that it's completely natural, is made from fair-trade products, and is gentle on skin. And they have quite a variety of scents. But I think one of the greatest advantages of this is how economical it is. At right around $13 (at Target, at least) I think a 32 oz. bottle of Dr. Bronner's could last me many months. Even if I do use it in the shower, on my face, to clean the bathroom, kitchen (well, Aaron can use it to clean the kitchen), in the washing machine, in C's bath, and wherever else I think it might do the trick.

So if anyone else is interested...

*There's a website - iherb - that sells many different sizes, scents, etc. for cheaper than Target. I've purchased from them before and thought shipping prices were very reasonable. I also have a code for $5 off your first purchase, if you're interested.

*I found two websites that I found helpful and were written by people who use Dr. Bronner's for various things. They are this and this.

Next weekend I am going to be going to the Living Green Expo at the State Fairgrounds with my friend Kristy. I'm hoping to come away with lots of great green ideas!

Aaron just said to me randomly, "We could dye some of her white socks!"
I said, "Yeah! We could! Wanna dye today?"
He said, "No, maybe tomorrow."