Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Camille Updates

Just a few things Camille has been up to lately:

*She's discovered a passion of shoes for all sizes. We find shoes strewn about all over the house. Everyone's shoes. But it's especially sweet to see random tiny shoes in places you don't normall see shoes (the Tupperware drawer in the kitchen, in the cabinet under the bathroom sink, etc.). She loves carrying them around, putting them in things, putting things in them, trying to put them on. Even as I write this, she is sitting amongst the pile of shoes by the garage door sticking her fingers through the holes in my Mom's navy blue Crocs.

*She has learned to "sing" even before she can really speak. Although she is just beginning to say a few words (especially 'baby'), if you ask her to sing, she'll likely begin making sort of a high-pitched fluctuating tone. Usually she sings, "Ahhh." Sometimes it's, "Laaa." But it's always very sweet!