Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Prayers for the sick house...

Well, the New Year came in with a bang at our house, but we're finally starting to recover. New Year's Day evening I started feeling sick to my stomach and soon realized I'd come down with the stomach flu. Almost exactly two hours later we discovered that Camille had it also. We were both sick the entire night - luckily Camille had three wonderful caretakers tending to her while I was dealing with my own misery. Unfortunately, though, over the next few days both my Dad and Mom caught the virus. So now we've all had it except for Aaron (and we're trying to keep it that way)! As soon as Camille started feeling better and was able to eat again, she developed a nasty cough and cold. It turns out she's got another ear infection, with the possibility of developing pneumonia if we don't keep this cold in check.

Please pray that we can all get healthy and STAY healthy! Pray that we can all regain our strength, especially now that the holidays are over and we all have to go back to work. Pray also that Camille's cold and ear infection will clear up so that we don't have to worry about pneumonia.

We do seem to be on the mend, and are relieved that you can only get each virus once. Camille had been having problems falling asleep for naps and bedtime lately, but she's been doing much better yesterday and today (although it may just be because her body is so exhausted from fighting viruses). Hopefully this trend of improvement will continue! Thank you everyone and have a wonderful week!