Thursday, January 15, 2009

Life is going well at the sick house. Camille finished her last dose of amoxicillin yesterday and does seem to be feeling quite a bit better. Unfortunately, I seem to have a pretty bad cold now and even think I may have a sinus infection. I'll be going to the see the doctor this afternoon to find out.

On brighter note, Camille began taking a few steps yesterday! Toddlerhood is looming on the horizon and I know it won't be long now until her baby days are gone. It still amazes me how time seems to fly by. It seems like just last week she was starting to sit up. What a sweet, happy, lively little girl Camille is growing in to. While it's so sad to know our baby is growing up, it is also so very exciting to discover who she is becoming!

We took a video of Camille taking a couple steps last night, but I went to bed early and then left the camera at home this morning (I was too busy getting us bundeled for the -23 temperatures to remember it), so hopefully we can get it posted soon.

Stay warm!