Thursday, December 25, 2008

For unto us a child is born

Disclaimer: Get ready for LOTS of pictures!

We spent yesterday morning at Isabel's house helping her celebrate her first birthday! The girls had a great time playing together and opening Christmas and birthday presents, and I had a chance to help Kristy get things ready for the dinner she was serving to her family who was coming into town.

This picture is of the girls standing at the gate that blocks the way to the basement. They love standing here, especially when there are lights on or people downstairs.

We tried getting a picture of the girls in Christmas outfits by the tree, but it wasn't working very well. Too many distractions I think!

Then we tried putting them on the couch, but they kept trying to crawl off!
After their morning naps, it was time to sport the tu-tu's! I brought Camille's so she could wear hers, and we gave Isabel one for her birthday.

And I FINALLY was able to snap a picture of Camille standing without holding onto anything. She was having fun playing with the magnets on the fridge while we were working in the kitchen.

We went to church at 4 and were lucky enough to snag a spot in the pew next to Nick, Angie, and new baby Lyla! She was able to come home from the hospital on Monday and has been doing very well. What a sweet and TINY thing she is, at just 6 lbs. 2 oz! She slept the entire time, but we certainly enjoyed looking at her. Camille was in awe and kept wanting to touch her (gently, of course).
After church we went to David and Jeannie's house for dinner (cheesy meatball soup, as usual!) and gift opening. We wanted to get a picture of the girls with Grandma and Grandpa, but it was quite difficult - Lydia had an ear infection, Camille was tired, and Adeling kept wanting to "help." But we managed to get one that turned out nicely.

Then we tried to get a picture of just the girls and it did NOT work! Babies started crying and we knew it wasn't going to work!

Time for gift opening! Camille recieved lots of fun presents, the best of which was a Leap Frog drum that she absolutely adores. Uncle Bryan and Aunt Megan gave her one like the one they had at their house when we were visiting. As soon as she had that drum she forgot she was tired and had a blast!

This morning we did something we've never done before - we started opening presents before the sun was even up! Camille woke up at 6:30, and by 7:30 we were all up, in the living room, and opening presents. Boy were we tired! Camille's pile was by far the largest, and she had a great time helping open her presents and playing with them.

Then I had the great idea of seeing if she would fit in her stocking. It was a tight fit, but eventually we squeezed her into it!

Santa brought us all "Excavation Kits" where you dig tiny dinosaur bones out of a brick of...well, I'm not sure what it's a brick of! But Aaron has begun working on his, excavating on his brick to find all his dino bones. Apparently it takes quite a while, especially when you accidentally throw one of the bones away and have to go "digging" for it in the garbage!

Camille has beey VERY overstimulated by all of her new toys! Some she's already figured out how to work, and other's she's still working on.

We wanted to take a family picture of us on Christmas, even if we weren't all dressed up. So here we are, one of us still in our jammies (Aaron), one of us without brushed hair (me), and one of us looking just as cute as ever (you all know who)!
We pray that you all had a wonderful Christmas! Blessings to you!