Monday, November 10, 2008

Camille Update

It's been much too long since I've done a Camille update! While I don't have any pictures for you today, there are many other things to tell you about...

Camille started crawling about two weeks ago. She's still no expert, but definitely prefers to move about on her knees rather than on her belly. What's her favorite thing to chase after, you ask? Her kitties, Oscar and Olie, of course! But now that she can move on her own they're not so sure they want her coming after them. They've gotten very good at sitting very still until she is within milimeters of touching them and then bounding away before she knows what's happened.

Just yesterday Camille has learned how to sit herself up when she is on her tummy. While she usually doesn't mind laying down, she's glad to have the option of sitting without assistance from someone else.

Along with the crawling and sitting up has come the world of pulling up onto furniture. Camille would MUCH rather stand than sit or lay down. (She is standing against the couch right now playing with strings on a fraying blanket.)

Only 18 days until we go to Florida! I had a dream the other night that I forgot to pack until just before it was time to leave for the airport. Now I am frantically making lists of things we need to bring (or buy when we get there) and it's driving me crazy not knowing what the weather is going to be like while we're there. Nevertheless, I am COMPLETELY looking forward to a vacation - not to mention a vacation in my favorite place in the world! I am so excited to see how Camille reacts to the sights and sounds of Disney World! We're also really looking forward to seeing Bryan and Megan again, since we haven't seen them in a few months. Yes, it's certainly going to be a nice trip, and I hope these 18 days pass quickly (but not so quickly that I won't have time to pack!)!

I'll get some pictures up for you later this week. We're not with Isabel today, but hopefully she'll be up to having us around tomorrow. Keep her in your prayers - she's still on the road to recovery!