Sunday, October 26, 2008

It's Snowing! (aka, the saddest day of the year)

Well it's officially winter in's been snowing since 10 this morning. Nothing is sticking, of course, but it's certainly blowing around out there! Oh the woes of living in the frigid tundra of MN.

On a brighter note, Camille has been learning tons of new things these past few days. She started eating finger foods last week and has worked her way up to Goldfish, dry cereal, crackers, and whatever else she can get her hands on. She is also creeping on the floor (not quite crawling yet, but defintely moving forward) in pursuit of whatever happens to be the toy of the hour (sometimes a Tupperware cup, other times a block). Right now her favorite thing to do is pull toys out of a basket.

We also noticed today that Camille has learned how to wave. Try as we might, though, we were unable to get a video clip of it. We'll keep trying and hopefully get one up here this week. She certainly seems to be growing up by the minute. We put her down for a nap and when she gets up she seems so much older. Why can't she stay a little girl forever?

On Thursday Megan visited us at Isabel's house. The girls had a great time crawling all over her, and Ginger was thrilled to find a kindred spirit. Megan and I brought Camille and Isabel out to lunch with us at Leann Chin. Of course Camille managed to grab a chunk of sesame chicken and get it to her mouth, but she didn't seem to mind that it was spicy!

On Friday Aaron and I brought Camille to the fall carnival at Christ Lutheran, where Jeannie's preschool is. She wore a pink onesie and tights, her pink tutu, and a headband with a big bow on it. I personally think she was the cutest kid there, but we all know how biased I am!

She had fun sitting on the floor with her cousin Lydia. They both had cereal to snack on, although they seemed to want each other's cereal more than their own. Needless to say, they had left quite a mess on the floor by the time they were finished.
Grandma had a great time showing off her littlest granddaughter! I remember last year when she was so proud to show off Lydia at the carnival, who was just six weeks old at the time. Jeannie loves her granddaughters so much, and we always love visiting her and watching her play with Camille (not to mention the fact that she'll jump at the chance to change a diaper!).

Well that's all I've got for now. For some reason our camera seems to be taking blueish pictures, so I'm going to try to figure out what's up with that and take some more pics this week. Stay warm and have a wonderful week! Blessings!