Sunday, August 3, 2008

Jonathan and Becky's Wedding

My friends from band at Bethel FINALLY got married yesterday! Jonathan and Becky were like our low brass "parents" at Bethel, especially my freshman year. They were both seniors when I was a freshman and they are the reason our section was so close-knit. I have them to thank for some of the best friends I made in college.

They had an absolutely beautiful wedding in Stillwater. It was held at Camrose Hill Farm, which had gorgeous flowers everywhere, and a small open area for the ceremony. Jason Harms' quartet played during the ceremony and reception (the same group that played at our wedding reception) and we enjoyed their music as usual! And oh my goodness, the food was AMAZING! I've included a picture of it. Strange, I know, but it was truly delicious.

Anyway, Congratulations Jonathan and Becky! We're so happy for you and pray that God blesses you to the fullest!

Becky's friend made her beautiful dress!

My low brass friends: Reed, Me, Becky, Jonathan, Jackie, and Bonnie

The DELICIOUS food! Mmmm, grilled beef tenderloin kebobs!

Camille did great, too! She had fun being passed from person to person and didn't cry at all!