Friday, August 1, 2008

Favorite Foto Friday!!!

I've decided to join in the blogging fun of FAVORITE FOTO FRIDAY! Through some other blogs I've been following, I found that every Friday there is a particular theme and that you can post a photo (or many photos!) about the weekly theme or just a favorite picture in general. If you'd like to join in the fun or check out some of the other FFF blogs you can visit Sarah's blog - she's the one who started all this fun and chooses each week's theme.

This week's FFF Theme is CRAZY HAIR!!!

Not exactly "CRAZY" hair, but I think it's a funny picture of Camille's mini mohawk and the very beginning of her bald spot.

This picture always makes me laugh! It's from my Bethel band tour to the UK. It was right after I fried my hair with a straightening iron and it completely burned and was frizzy for almost a year. Plus, it's got my friend Reed with his wonderful hair. A few days later we had a party and cut his dreds off!

That's all for this week's FFF! Check in next Friday for the new theme!